Chery Signs Agreements with New Pakistan Distributor

Chery Signs Agreements with New Pakistan Distributor

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Recently, Chery signed distributorship and CKD cooperation agreements with Pakistan's new dealer in Wuhu, which indicates that Chery has achieved the qualitative leap of business mode in Pakistan from a simple "CBU export" to the "CKD" assembly, thereby further strengthening the dominant position in the South Asian market. Looking back the incoming road, Chery has scored certain achievements since entered South Asian market as the first Chinese automobile company in 2005 despite numerous hardships.



Over the years, Chery has always been focusing on overseas markets development. As the world's sixth most populous country, Pakistan is an integral part of the strategic territory. The five years Chery stationed in Pakistan is just the most important stage of development of Pakistan’s automobile industry, but also the period in which auto sales market has undergone many ups and downs. The years 2006, 2007 and 2008 saw the astounding advance of auto sales in Pakistan, in particular, car sales with the total sales of 511,450 cars in three years. However, since the second half of 2008, due to the economic crisis in the international market, Pakistan's car sales plummeted. Chery Automobile had rapid development and encountered the obstacles of sales channels and the bottleneck of sales models since entered the market in 2005; in the face of the global market depression and Pakistan market turmoil, Chery has always been working hard and striving to blaze new trails. Finally, in this year, it has successfully achieved the important shifting of the channel and the mode.

Since the second half of 2009, Pakistan's economy has showed signs of recovery. Total car sales increased by 34% year on year and the auto market began to run up. Chery took the opportunity to sell products in Pakistan and firmly adhered to the company guidelines of "in-depth study, scaling new heights, perseverance and steady progress” to root in Pakistan market, which has become the highlight of recovery of Chery in international market.

In South Asia market, Pakistan auto industry started late, but has great potential. First, due to serious lack of public transport system in Pakistan, the purchase of vehicles is necessary living expenses. Targeting this market characteristics, Chery took the initiative in forward-looking and overall layout of Pakistan market and made way in the market filled with Japanese brands, and seize the opportunity despite the crisis. Secondly, Pakistan is a traditional friendly neighbor of China, and people have always been of great interest in Chinese products, and Chinese auto is one of the goods which Pakistani businessmen are keen to import. Through the efforts in the past few years, Chery, as the leading one of Chinese auto companies, has become the trusted brand and won a good reputation, thereby widening the road for the future development. Third, the important cooperation projects mentioned in the Five-year Development Plan for Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and Pakistan signed in 2006 include buses, cars, trucks assembly, auto parts and manufacturing of CNG buses, and these initiatives provided a good opportunity for Chery to develop Pakistan market. With the support of the policy, Chery entering Pakistan provided a large number of job opportunities for Pakistan, contributed to the investment of Chinese other industries in Pakistan, and also promoted the development of bilateral economic and trade cooperation and realized win-win.

Today, Chery has covered more than 70 countries and regions worldwide and ranked first in terms of exports for 7 consecutive years, and no one can beat it. While stabilizing the national position, it has gradually showcased overseas strength through its low-key and stable layout and has made a big stride forward in developing international market.