Chery's "Outstanding 4+1" Pattern Exhibits the "Chinese Power"

Chery's "Outstanding 4+1" Pattern Exhibits the "Chinese Power"

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The 11th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition in 2010 will open at the new pavilion of China International Exhibition Center and China International Exhibition Center (Jinganzhuang) at the same time from April 23 to May 2. China became the biggest auto market globally in 2009, making Beijing Automotive Exhibition definitely the most attractive auto exhibition in the world. As the leader of Chinese independent auto brands, Chery will take "Chery Power" as theme, and attend this exhibition with 2 big sectors, 4 brands, 34 cars and 5 latest powertrains forcefully.

At this show, Chery will bring two big sectors, totally exhibiting 4 brands, new energy products, 34 cars, and core technologies, such as CVT automatic transmission, TGDI (Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection) engine and new energy etc. The first sector is consisted of Chery, Riich, Rely and new energy vehicles, locating in Hall E3 of Beijing New International Exhibition Center, with exhibiting area reaching 2600 square meters, the lineup of this sector will not only break the record of Chery, but will also exhibit the highest development achievement of Chinese independent brands in the 4 aspects of ‘Technology, Quality, Green and International’, to let the world see an appearance of ‘Big Chery’ which is of leading technology, excellent quality, and responsible.

The second sector of Chery is composed of Karry minivan solely, located in Hall W3 of the exhibition center, booth area reaching more than 700 square meters, taking ‘Initiating Comfortable Life’ as theme, totally exhibiting 5 models, demonstrating the new achievement acquired by Chery in minivan which is closely related to people’s life, injecting entirely new interpretation to minivan brand.

Generally, there are at least six focuses in the lineup of Chery in Beijing Automotive Exhibition which will bring a feast for eyes of the media and audience:

Focus 1: 34 models at this exhibition will compose the biggest lineup in the history of Chery, among which 11 are under Chery brand, key products including the new models of Fulwin 2, A3, Tiggo3 and QQme. And, the full series of A3 2010 model year will be equipped with ESP as standard; Fulwin 2, as the first model of Chery designed according to bionics concept is equipped with one of the Top 10 engines of China, SQR477F researched and developed by Chery independently, rated as the dynamic city family car with the most fashionable appearance, largest wheelbase, highest safety standard among the vehicles of the same class. In this Beijing Automotive Exhibition, Tiggo3 1.8AMT ‘Master’ version will also be released, which adds a new member to the Chery Tiggo family. While the QQme, as a product with the most fashionable personality in the QQ series, takes pursuing fashion, personality, vivacity, sufficiently demonstrating lifestyle as design concept, and is the fashionable personalized small car with the most symmetrical aesthetics.

9 models of Riich brand will be exhibited in this show, including the important products, such as M1, X1, G3, G5, G6, etc., among which the G3 is to be exhibited in auto show for the first time, and the other highlight of Riich brand, G5-TGDI, which is equipped with the first turbocharged gasoline direct injection engine, will be launched in this automoitve exhibition. From this exhibition, it can be seen that the product lines of Riich brand has taken shape. 5 products of Rely will also be exhibited this time, including V5, H5, X5 which have been launched, and the main products, such as V8 which will be launched soon. Also, Chery will exhibit 4 new energy products, including A3-ISG, G5EV, M1EV, and M3EV, fully showing the industrialized and market achievements acquired by Chery in hybrid and pure electric car. In addition, Chery stand will be divided into powertrain assembly exhibiting zone, five-star safety exhibiting zone, race cars of Dakar Rally/Nurburgring, track exhibiting zone, and new energy exhibiting zone according to the four appeals of ‘Technology, Quality, International, Green’, and exhibit the achievements acquired by Chery in technology development, quality improvement, brand building and internationalization in recent years. In Hall W3, there will be the second biggest sector of Chery, the 5 exhibits of Karry minivan brand.

Chery will take part in this Beijing Automotive Exhibition with the strongest lineup in history, totally exhibiting 34 cars and 3 powertrains, and will bring the strongest visual and scientific impact to the public. It can be said as one of highlights worth seeing in this Exhibition.

Focus 2: Along with the release of multi-brand strategy of Chery in the year 2009, and after acquiring preliminary achievements in a series of layout, such as products, production capacity and network, etc, Chery will release a series of important moves in of brand building. At this Exhibition, Chery will release a piece of important news on enterprise brand building.

Focus 3: The gradual accomplishment of production bases and sale/service network layout for Chery overseas market lays a solid foundation for Chery’s international market development. At this Exhibition, 200 overseas distributors from all over the world will get together in Beijing, and attend the 2010 Chery International Business Conference, which is the largest international business conference in China.

Focus 4: At this Automotive Exhibition, Chery will exhibit the newest development achievements acquired by itself in new energy, and totally exhibit an ISG strong hybrid car product and 3 pure electric car products. Regarding new energy solutions, Chery will hold a joint exhibition with international strategic partner, ETTER-PLACE.

Focus 5: The achievements that mostly exhibit the ability of Chery on core technology development at this Automotive Exhibition, is definitely the CVT (continuously variable transmission) and the 2.0TGDI (Turbocharges Gasoline Direct Injection Engine). These two items are both top technologies in the world nowadays, having filled domestic blank. Their application in cars will bring extraordinary feeling of driving and sporty enjoyment to consumers.

Focus 6: This time, the Karry minivan brand of Chery will exhibit the first Karry “Youyou” model equipped with 1.0L diesel engine in China. At the same time, the famous magician Liu Qian will be on the Karry exhibiting stand, and perform the novel magic and newest product of Chery together to the audience.

At this Automobile Exhibition, Chery will annotate the connotation of “Chinese Power” from four aspects of “Technology, Quality, Green and International”.

Technological Chery - Make breakthroughs with long-term accumulation

With the absence of core technology, transferring from ‘big manufacture country’ to ‘strong manufacture country’ and ‘big brand country’ would be hard to achieve, especially for the technology-intensive industry of automobile manufacture. To master and possess the core technology and intellectual property is the only way for Chinese independent enterprises to survive, develop and grow large and strong. Chery is shouldering a sense of mission and responsibility. At the same time, it is based on the understanding of the current development status and development law of global automobile industry, so Chery make technology-orientation as the basis of enterprise development, and infuse enterprise and brand culture of itself with this concept deeply.

As an enterprise of Chinese independent brand, to become a world famous auto brand, 3 basic conditions of possessing core technology, possessing self-owned brand, and possessing global market are a must. Chery just takes this as the referential goal, and formulates development strategy of building international famous brand. This year, a very important part of Chery’s ‘Intensive Cultivation 2010’ development strategy is ‘intensive cultivation of technology’, which aims to realize development goal of ‘generally advanced, partly leading’.

At this Automotive Exhibition, Chery will exhibit its latest car models equipped with CVT transmission and 2.0TGDI engine. The engine TGDI is of top engine technology in the world nowadays. Along with the coming off of self-owned CVT continuously variable transmission, Chery becomes the automobile enterprise which completely masters the four key technologies of chassis, engine, transmission and engine electronic management system (EMS), realizeing the self-sufficiency of industrial chain. These two technologies will definitely be a highlight in the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition.

In recent years, the R&D cost of Chery reaches over 10% of the annual sales revenue, far exceeding the average level of 5% of global automobile industry. It can be said that this high level of R&D input is just compensating what Chinese auto industry has neglected in the past one hundred years. Also, such input makes Chery acquire many achievements and overcome many difficulties in aspects of technological research and development.

Through this Automotive Exhibition, it can be seen that, from starting from scratch, Chery has become a carmaker who possesses more than 2600 technology patents, masters four traditional core technologies and core new energy technology, such as hybrid, electric car, and alternative energy etc. by unremitting efforts in independent R&D for ten years, and has become a carmaker who sells products to more than 80 countries and regions in the world, establishes 15 production bases in overseas market, and outputs products, technology and culture.

Nowadays Chery has built an outstanding research group of 6000 people, acquired strong research ability, and mastered the core traditional and new energy technologies.

High quality Chery - Quality is the footstone for realization of building an international famous brand

When we mentioned independent brands in the past, we just associated it with rich features and low price, but at this Beijing Automotive Exhibition, Chery will present ‘high-quality Chery’ to the world.

In the year of 2008, when the global car market suffered severe shock by the global financial crisis, Chery made timely planning and adjustment for future development. That is, it targets to control the quality of product, instead of speed of growth as the only target. Besides pursuing the improvement of quality, Chery is dedicated to stabilize the price and promote the brand by the quality.

Quality is the key to open the door of the future, and it cannot be called an ‘international brand’ without quality. Chery accumulates and keeps improving in every aspect, including technology, quality, service and brand. It promotes the core competitiveness constantly. That is why we see that it keeps creating new records of market sales. The target of Chery’s brand development strategy is very clear. That is, to build Chery into an international famous brand, and make it the business card of Chinese auto industry.

In 2008, in the C-NCAP collision test, Chery A3 became the only model gaining 5-star safety among all Chinese car models. And, it is also the first independent R & D model reaching 5-star collision standard at home.

In 2009, in the special spot Inspection by State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, all the quality indexes of Chery met the state standard. And, most of the indexes even surpass the state standard; in this year, as the first China-made model which received the authoritative inspection, Riich G5 got good mark of 8’56’’ in the north ring of Nurburgring, Germany. Chery, with its rigorous quality control, changes people’s conventional prejudice that the independent brands’ production processes are inferior, and with rough quality.

With its successful quality management, Chery was awarded as ‘National Advanced Collective of Quality Works’, and ‘Grade AAA of Chinese 12315 Quality and Credit’ in succession. In the Initial Quality Study Report on new car by J.D. Power in 2009, Chery automobile ranked top in 2 market segments of compact car and premium compact among 10 classifications.

Behind so many honors, there are unremitting hard efforts made by Chery people in aspects of quality guarantee and improvement. For years, Chery has put emphasis on the construction of the quality control system of products, thus gradually forming the complete set of quality control system of Chery characteristics in product design, raw materials purchasing, supply of spare parts, supplier management, production, sales and service. Its quality control index all targets superior to the state standards. In recent years, it even regards the EU-level as the benchmark of its product standards, and considers global cars as the car development objective.

Green Chery - New energy products will embrace the climax of the industrialization and marketization

In this Beijing Automotive Exhibition, Chery specially sets up ‘the exhibiting area of the new energy models’, to show the achievements it has made in the application of the new energy industrialization. It will altogether exhibit an ISG strong hybrid product and 3 models of pure electric cars. These products have entered the stage mass production and marketization.

On Sep, 1st, 2009, the state Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the finished auto product announcement of the 195th batch and The Recommended Model Directory of Energy Saving and the Example Application Engineer of New Energy Automobile. There are altogether 19 new energy models, among which Chery is the only car production enterprise. Altogether 4 models of Chery were listed, A5 BSG, A5 ISG hybrid cars, and two electric cars, S11 and S18. It signifies Chery’s advantage in the R&D and industrialization of hybrid and new energy cars.

Currently, Chery has established 4 new complete and internationally advanced energy technology systems, such as advanced fuel technology, hybrid, electric car, and alternative energy, etc., combined with traditional world class automobile manufacturing technology, making the new energy technology strength of Chery occupy the first place in domestic market and in the leading place internationally. This year, Chery will put more emphasis on the process of industrialization and marketization of the new energy technology, realize the industrialization of strong hybrid (ISG), plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) and pure electric (EV) products, etc., with fuel saving ratio reaching 30%. There will be 6 new energy products adopting ISG, PHEV and EV technologies to be launched in the entire year, realizing the breakthrough in the new energy technology and making Chery the front runner in industrialization of domestic new energy auto industry. At the same time, Chery is also one of the auto engineering & research centers of national energy saving and environmental protection auto technologies, possessing basic research and application strength of new energy with biggest comprehensive scale, and most advanced technology.

International Chery - Display a super power in the future global auto industry

In March, 2010, the 2 millionth car of Chery just rolled out the assembly line successfully. And, among the second million cars, Chery exported more than 230,000 units to overseas markets, accounting for 23% and ranking 1st for 7 consecutive years in car export of China. Not only does Chery’s export improve its internationalization of its market and brand, but also improve China's export product composition, which makes the consumers all over the world enjoy Chinese auto brand besides shirts and shoes products.

On Chery stand at Beijing Automotive Exhibition, we can see Riich G5 which has raced on the Nurburgring track in Germany and created the Chinese record of 8’56’’ competing with international sports cars, and we also can see X5 which has defeated 140 racing vehicles in the Dakar Rally and achieved the proud ranks of 28th and 29th places. These achievements have made the whole world see the quality and performance of Chinese cars, and have gained a good reputation for Chery to become ‘international brand’.

Beijing International Automotive Exhibition is a rare platform, on which Chery displays in full-range its spirit of ‘independent-innovation and international famous brand’. Chery, as a representative of independent Chinese brands, has been competing with international auto giants. Although Chinese cars may still have a long way to go, they show the confidence and ambition of Chinese brands, from which we can see a new force rising in international auto industry. They will definitely become the dominant power in the future global auto industry!