Chery A3 Produced in Taiwan

Chery A3 Produced in Taiwan

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Recently, around the 1st anniversary of Chery A3’s launch in mainland China, the A3 assembled in Taiwan went off-line successfully, which indicates that, after the 1-year test by market and customers, A3 has paved its own way amid the competition of family sedans. By launching exquisite models, Chery begins to promote brand image and consolidate its market beyond the mainland.

The newly launched Taiwan version A3 is a 2.0L automatic sedan planned to be launched in Taiwan market at the end of this year. Tailored for young trendsetters, the new model is guided by European mainstream and classic techniques, with the 3rd-generation technology as platform. It also applies the independently developed ACTECO engine, which is effective, energy-saving and more powerful. Moreover, it enhances drivers' comfort and control by the application of high-quality chassis, four-link rear suspension system, and the 1.8-meter-wide European style wide body. This Taiwan version A3 adopts plenty of high strength steel, is equipped with 6 airbags which can only be seen in medium and premium commercial vehicles, and even ESP (Electronic Stability Program), resulting in all-round safety performance on a par with safety standard of premium commercial vehicles. Previously, A3 in mainland has gone through a 66-day Wuhu to Beijing 100,000km non-stop public road test. It successfully finished the maximum journey equaling two and a half circles of the earth, confirming the high quality of its own.

A3 is the first model for Chery's entry into Taiwan, which will be followed by G6 and G5 next year. Compared with mainland China, although it has the characteristics of high cost and low capacity, Taiwan auto market is advanced with technology of auto components, electronic controllers and other electronic equipments. Chery intends to improve its product quality by combining the distinct advantages from both sides, integrating the supply chains and improving the quality of electronic and relevant components, so as to jointly develop auto market of both sides. For A3, except engine, transmission and body stamping parts & sheet metal being introduced from the mainland, the rest 60% of the components will be provided locally and in return, are supposed to be sold to mainland, rather than only applied to Chery’s Taiwan models.

In 2009, other than Taiwan market, Chery, as an independent auto brand in China, has successfully entered into emerging markets such as Brazil. Till the end of 2009, Chery will have established 15 overseas plants around the world, with its products distributed to more than 70 countries and regions. Chery’s entry to Taiwan by launching the exquisite model of A3 indicates Chery’s great emphasis and expectation on the market.