Chery, the Only Automaker Listed Among Top 200 Chinese Exporters

Chery, the Only Automaker Listed Among Top 200 Chinese Exporters

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Recently, China Customs released the 2008 Top 200 Chinese Exporters based on the statistics provided by General Administration of Customs of PRC, and Chery is the only auto manufacturer to be included.

The statistics of General Administration of Customs of PRC shows, in 2008 China has exported commodities valued at $1428.5b to the whole world, increasing by 17.2% year on year. After 30 years of opening and reform, China has become the largest supplier of imported commodities of the US, Japan and Europe. Undoubtedly, as the only auto manufacturer in the list, Chery is the pioneer of Chinese automakers to go abroad.

However, Chery’s success is hard-won. In 2008, the global financial crisis came unexpectedly. The economic downturn of both developed and developing countries made it much harder for ‘Made in China’ to go abroad, especially for the auto industry. From world auto giants, joint ventures to Chinese indigenous automakers, they all suffered some degree of sales decrease. Nevertheless, the export of Chery remained sound with an annual export volume of 135,000units, accounting for 50% of Chinese passenger vehicle export and ranking first among Chinese passenger vehicle exporters for 6 consecutive years.

The spokesman of Chery, Mr. Jin Yibo said, the key factors contributing to Chery’s success in the global market is that Chery has established a sound and healthy strategic system. By means of CBU export, establishing overseas factories and joint venture, the internationalized operation pattern of Chery has taken shape.

Since exporting first batch of cars to Syria in 2001, Chery products are now available in more than 70 countries and regions, and the number of overseas customers exceeds 400,000. Moreover, Chery has established 9 factories in 7 counties, and the construction of its 10th factory is underway. Chery also takes initiative in cooperation of international technology, international channel and international capital. Deep cooperation with American Quantum, Johnson Controls and PPG was achieved.

2009 witnesses the bankruptcy and deficit of some world auto giants. Chery decisively implements the ‘Layout 2009’ strategy. Big Chery supported by diversified high-quality models and multiple marketing channels has entered the new development stage of building a world famous Chinese Brand. According to Mr. Yin Tongyue, Chairman and General Manager of Chery, the number of Chery’s overseas factories will reach 15 by the end of 2009.