Chery S18 Is Off Line, Achieving Zero Emission and Zero Pollution

Chery S18 Is Off Line, Achieving Zero Emission and Zero Pollution

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Shanghai, China, (Feb.16th, 2009) – Chery’s first electric car, the S18 electric vehicle, rolled out production line. It is capable of traveling as many as 93 miles on each charge and the maximum speed reaches 75 mph.

"Most advanced technology being adopted, Chery’s electric vehicle has the merits of high efficiency, energy saving, easy operation, continuously variable transmission and quietness. Furthermore, the price will be very suitable for families," said Mr. Yuan Tao, Vice President of Chery in the S18 off-line ceremony.

Chery S18, with a 336V, 40kw electric driving system and 40Ah lithium iron phosphate battery, achieves zero emission and zero pollution. It only takes four to six hours to charge the battery completely by a 220V civil power supply or thirty minutes to charge 80% of the battery under a quick charging mode.

As a leader of Chinese indigenous automakers, Chery set about researching electric vehicles from 2001. So far, it has had the capability of developing and researching electric car’s key spare parts and has the capability of mass production of electric motor, electric motor driving system, DC/DC, advanced battery, battery management system and vehicle controller. Chery has mastered the core technology, calibration technology and test verification technology.

Mr. Jin Yibo, official spokesman of Chery, said that Chery’s responsibility is to design and manufacture safer, saver and greener models. The new technology will contribute to achieving Chery’s goal.