Chery Officially Enters Thai Market

Chery Officially Enters Thai Market

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On 14th Nov., a ceremonious cooperation agreement signing ceremony between Chery and Thai Chery Yarnyon was held in Hefei, the provincial capital city of Anhui where Chery is located, signifying that Chery officially entered the Thai market.


Thai Chery Yarnyon Co., Ltd was jointly invested by Thai Chia Tai Group and Thai Yarnyon Co., Ltd. As stipulated by the agreement, Thai Chery Yarnyon Co., Ltd will be the sole distributor of Chery in Thailand which will assemble Chery cars from SKD parts and sell them to Thai market and other Southeast Asian countries. In the early stage of production, the estimated annual capacity of the company will reach 5,000units; Chery QQ3 and Tiggo are the two key models.
Thailand is a huge auto market in ASEAN, annual sales volume reaching 650,000units. Auto industry flourishes in this country, as almost every world-renowned automaker has established plant in Thailand. As the largest European car assembler, distributor and dealer in Thailand, Thai Yarnyon Co., Ltd has engaged in auto industry for 45 years. With its rich experience in Thai auto sales and after-sales service, plus its wide-spread sales network, Yarnyon can accelerate Chery’s entry into Thai market, thus ensuring Chery’s success in this country.

In his speech, the Board Chairman of Chery Yarnyon, Vithit Leenutaphong mentioned, ‘we are not only a distributor of Chery in Thailand, we will also promote Chery’s development in this market, making it a brand recognized, favored and pursued by the vast customers. We will create an as successful Thai Chery story as Chinese Chery story.’

The President and Chairman of Chery, Mr. Yin Tongyao expressed, ‘we have already prepared this project for 3 years. Chery and Thai Chery Yarnyon are bound to succeed in Thailand.’

Chery’s entry into the Thai market by the help of Thai Chery Yarnyon created a new mode of fast overseas market exploitation and is another significant measure of Chery to build an international famous brand. Hence, it is undoubtedly a critical ‘chessman’ in Chery’s internationalization. Meanwhile, the advanced manufacturing technologies, abundant product lines and mature product quality of Chery will assist Thai Chery Yarnyon in obtaining success in Thai auto market.