Rely X5 test for Dakar, Lu Ningjun satisfied with preparations

Rely X5 test for Dakar, Lu Ningjun satisfied with preparations

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With Dakar Rally 2011 around the corner, the preparations of competing fleets have drawn to an end. From November 11 to 14, 2010, Chinese “Racing King” Lu Ningjun and Liu Kun, racers of Rely & Doublestar fleet, headed all the way to Italy for the first pre-race test of the fleet’s racing car Rely X5.

After Lu Ningjun and Jiang Yaohuan achieved the best results of the Chinese legion in Dakar Rally, Rely & Doublestar fleet expected more of the race. According to the source, Rely lineup for Dakar Rally 2011 is strongest-ever, which not only attracted Liu Kun, nicknamed “Desert King”, but also made technical improvements to racing cars based on the experience last year, to keep Rely racing cars in perfect conditions for their second Dakar performance.



Lu Ningjun, the racer who headed Rely & Doublestar fleet for a second expedition to Dakar, said he felt more comfortable with the test than he was last year in Komo, Italy. With experience last year and more brilliant Rely X5 after technical improvement this year, even there were some little problems, he could make fast adjustment and drive smoothly, making him more confident.

Jiang Yaohuan, another racer of the fleet, did not go to Italy for the test due to the planned physical training. To this, Lu Ningjun said Jiang Yaohuan, who drove Rely X5 last year, was familiar with operations and notes. The test was mainly aimed to adapt Liu Kun to the operating systems of the new racing car.



Despite just joining the fleet, under the utmost guidance of Italian technicians these days, Liu Kun has adjusted well to the operating systems. He said he had never competed in the race and found the operating systems of the car differ vastly from what he had seen before. “Controllers are easy to identify and give clear alarms. In particular, I have basically mastered transmission and limited slid differential. Through the road test, I feel Rely X5 is easy to control and has a better grip than expected, and the transmission is easy to operate and manipulate.” Through the learning and test, Liu Kun was full of expectation for the upcoming race.



According to the source, after the test in Italy, Lu Ningjun, Jiang Yaohuan and Liu Kun will receive the corresponding intensive physical training at home, and will practice several days in Kubuqi Desert in Inner Mongolia to gear up for Dakar Rally 2011. After being improved based on test opinions, Rely X5 racing cars will be shipped to Raphael Port in France next month for technical inspection and then to Buenos Aries, capital of Argentina.

Lu Ningjun said, “Preparations for Dakar Rally is most important, which is a decisive factor for success, while car test is critical to fleet preparations. The test means that 70% of preparations of Rely & Doublestar fleet have been complete. According to the current situation, the fleet is satisfactory in plan implementation, work efficiency and work performance.”